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High Summer Jewellery and it's History

High Summer Jewellery and it's History

High Summer draws thoughts of long days and the passing of the seasons - at this time of year we may change our wardrobe favouring lighter clothes and donning vibrant colours - what better than to reflect this transition and enjoy a change with our jewellery too?

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The Summer months find many of us reaching into our jewellery box to pick out something different to wear or perhaps something new to match a Summer outfit?

Pearls - long associated solely with Royalty - have a timeless appeal - often picked out for weddings and special occasions - life events as we would say these days with their association with wisdom and innocence. Simple pearl stud earrings can create the most elegant of looks and complement just about any outfit - even with casual dress they add that touch of class! Yogis believe the wearing of pearls balances the natural flow of water within the body.

The August Moon stirs thoughts of Reflection and Light - Moonstones with their translucent misty haze - an effect known as Schiller. Opals - adored by the Romans - unique in their myriad colours; shift and shimmer with a mercurial quality - displaying their ability to disperse light across the skin. Rock crystals and soft rose coloured quartzes add a subtle pearlescence.

Lively brilliance and fire from the purest of diamonds comes from those rarest in nature which strangely contain no tint; no trace of hue - still they refract light and radiate all colours under the sun as they kindle and spark into scintillating life - every colour of the rainbow like the goddess Iris dancing sublimely between heaven and earth.

Soft pinks and peach tones of Carnelian, Coral and Shell Cameos complement those with a fairer skin and often favour softer pastel rose gold, white gold and silver settings. Coral is to safeguard - traditionally gifted to newborns as a protective talisman.

Long sun filled days raise the spirit and gems laden with sunshine colours appeal: the rich marmalade tones of the Citrine, an ever popular gem associated with positivity with qualities that some believe can combat depression and phobias - their colours ranging from palest lemon to rich Madeira. The exuberance of the exotic Fire Opal from Mexico - one of the deepest orange tones amongst gems - the Aztecs referred to this as the Bird of Paradise stone and in Indian philosophy the gem was connected with ideas of ardent love.

Lemon Quartzes from Brazil and Mandarin Garnets from Namibia invoke late evening sunset hues in these months when it is still light at bedtime. In folklore Lemon Quartz is said to reduce cravings, help focus and healing - it is a popular choice for meditation - whilst orange represents confidence and individuality - the robes of the Buddhist Monks are orange to represent the changes in life as we pass through. Garnets occur naturally in all different hues and are associated with the heart: friendship and Love.

Beaded necklaces are ideal to add that instant splash of colour. Strings of amber beads swing like dancing sunrays with their various honey tones - uplifting and weightless; so easy to wear - worn long over light linen clothes; adding a vivacious personality all of their own. Amber is literally millions of years old: estimated to be between 30 and 90 million! It has been prized forcenturies - once believed to be able to ‘draw’ illness from the body and if you rub amber slightly; it can attracts very lightweight objects! Try it out! Its warm tactile quality made it prefect for rosary beads and it has been used throughout history medicinally and in perfumery.

Agates make stunning jewellery and occur naturally right across the globe from the volcanic lava rocks found along the East coast of Scotland to the highly prized banded variety - originating from Western United States - where layers of iron oxide present in the rocks form the characteristic brown and red stripes.
Every Agate is quite unique and individual like a geological work of art - and the delicate enthralling Moss agates seem to depict a miniature landscape all of their own. Agates are one of the earliest gems used as a personal adornment and are said to rebalance and calm the mind - in folklore they are believed to enhance courage and mental strength. The ancient Greeks used Agate to honour the Earth Goddess Gaia.

Why not celebrate Summer with a new look? - maybe treat yourself to something special that will last not just for this season but for years and years to come!

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